Value Added Tax

New VAT rules as of 1 july 2021

What is changed?

From 1 July 2021, there are new VAT changes regarding the European Union. If you live outside the European Union, these rules will not affect you and VAT will still be deducted during checkout.

The European Union has made changes to the Vat system that affect how Vat is handled with trade between EU countries. Before 1 July 2021, local VAT (The Netherlands 21%) was charged for orders to other countries within the European Union. From 1 July 2021, the VAT percentage of the country the order is going to must be charged, this percentage differs per country. As a chamber of commerce registered company, we have to pay this local VAT to the respective tax authority of the country to which the package is sent.

Examples of the new rules after 1 July 2021:

CountryVAT %Price Inc VAT
In store
Price Exc VATPrice at checkout

Netherlands21 %€ 100.00€ 82.64€ 100.00
Belgium21 %€ 100.00€ 82.64€ 100.00
Germany19 %€ 100.00€ 82.64€ 98.35 
Denmark25 %€ 100.00€ 82.64€ 103.31
France20 %€ 100.00€ 82.64€ 99.17
Luxembourg16 %€ 100.00€ 82.64€ 96.69
Hungary27 %€ 100.00€ 82.64€ 104.96

If you log in to our website with your account and have already set up a standard shipping address, the prices on the website will be automatically adjusted to your local VAT percentage.

These new rules do not make us earn more, only the VAT rate changes depending on your shipping address.

If you have any questions about the VAT calculation, feel free to contact us.